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SlenderJab® Weight Loss Injections

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SlenderJab® pens are FDA approved and licensed weight loss injections that are available nationwide. They utilise Liraglitude, which mimics the naturally occurring GLP-1 hormones which are used to regulate the appetite in the human body. It works by keeping you feeling full and slows your stomach emptying itself, so your daily calorie intake is massively reduced, resulting in rapid weight loss.

When taken correctly alongside a healthy, low-calorie meal plan with an increased level of physical activity, you are guaranteed to start shifting your unwanted excess weight in addition to improving many indicators of cardiovascular risk.

Is the SlenderJab® weight loss injection safe?

Weight loss injections have been used for some time in several countries ‘off label’ to effectively control and treat weight loss. The product has passed rigorous clinical trials for safety and has recently become the only approved prescription injections available across the UK for weight-loss purposes.

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We offer different pricing options for our weight loss injections based on the number that you are looking to purchase and this is determined by your individual weight loss goals. To find out more, please read the information below and contact our team to book your consultation!



£200Repeat pens £170
Order month by month
Plan just to your needs
Lose on average 13.4lbs
Available nationwide
Staff on hand at all times to help



Recommended for most new clients
Plan ahead to save money
Lose on average approximately 2 stone
Available nationwide
Staff on hand at all times to help



Suitable for those looking for long term goals
Save money over the course of your plan
Designed to help lose greater amounts of weight
Available nationwide
Staff on hand at all times to help

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